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  • Swirling the delightful natural colours is fun! This hippie rendition includes natural colours from Alkanet, Annato and French green clay.

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  • This 'oohhh-something-shiny-sweet-little-thing' incorporates so much love and hard work! The three colours are courtesy of the hand-harvested Arnica plants from Knox mountain, and topped with a wee bit of 24K Gold Mica and Anise seed for embellishment.

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  • A little fun ... go ahead; sing in the shower! This beauty includes some rich coconut milk for extra creaminess, and a 'twist of lime' for decoration. Scented with a mild coconut fragrance.

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  • Ahhhh the invigorating scent of lemon! Lemongrass essential oil plays the starring role in this bar, with the mild exfoliation of calendula petals. Sunny dayz are ahead!

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