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Earthy Girl™ Botanicals is a small-batch, artisan, bath and body products producer. All Earthy Girl™ Soaps, Bath and Body products are made with natural ingredients that are wild-sourced in our own backyard, or come from sustainable and eco-friendly producers, prioritizing fair trade, local, and small business-owned wherever possible.

Earthy Girl™ Botanicals is a Green Beauty producer using 99% natural products, sourced primarily from local, small business, sustainable and certified fair trade producers.

Bee Kind shows up in how we treat our Mother Earth, our customers, and our selves. If you purchase a product and are unhappy with it, we aim to please, and to determine a win-win situation. We love our Mother Earth and treat her kindly by reducing our waste and re- and up-cycling. All raw materials packaging is re-purposed and all shipping materials are recycled. Our products are fairly priced so we can stay in business to continue the work we love.

Bee Generous. It is a simple and easy matter in our society to take the road of ‘convenience’. This typically means purchasing off-shore products and supporting suppliers with unknown identities that may not share our values. We take effort to primarily source our raw materials from small businesses, ethical and fair-trade suppliers, and small farm operations, generously supporting like-minded fellow humans. Additionally, we share our products often. Whether donating whole batches to worthy causes or organizations, or giving away trial or imperfect product, Earthy Girl™ is generous.

Aim to Do No Harm. When we hand-harvest herbs and flowers, we do so with a “one for me, two for the bees, and three for Mother Nature” mantra. Our raw materials are mostly vegan-friendly. We are moving toward a vegan-based product line but do still have an inventory of synthetic Fragrance Oils and Tallow as a base oil. The use of Tallow in soap-making has been around for hundreds of years. Some humans regard the use of the whole animal to be a sign of respect to the animal that has been consumed: no parts of the animal is wasted. Synthetic fragrances are used to achieve a stronger fragrance than that which can be obtained with essential oils, per customer requests. As humans, striving to do NO harm is a journey, made up of many individual choices. We do our part to mitigate any harm, and strive towards increasing our impact in this regard.

We hope you will love our products as much as we do and will consider how you might share our mantra to Bee Kind, Bee Generous, and Do No Harm while enjoying our Earthy Girl™ Soaps, Bath and Body products.

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