Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and information on our quality ingredients.

How do Earthy Girl Soaps differ from the soaps found in retail stores?

All of our soaps are created in small-batches within a controlled environment, according to Good Manufacturing Practices. Each batch is lovingly planned out using our tried-and-true formulas, with many design and botanical ingredients chosen for specific purposes. During the process of saponifying our high-quality oils and butters into soap, a natural bi-produce, glycerine, is produced. Commercially produced soaps typically have the natural glycerine removed and sold as a separate product, which is why our soaps feel a little more luxurious. Oh, and every batch is made with love!

I can buy a bar of soap at the store for under $5. Why are Earthy Girl soaps more?

Yes you can! Those bars are mass-produced allowing the manufacturer to take advantage of economies-of-scale not attainable by a small-batch producer. PLUS, our oils and butters are high-quality (mainly food-grade), sustainably sourced and wherever possible, locally sourced, supporting other local small businesses. Additionally, each batch contains wild-crafted and natural ingredients, typically costing more than synthetic and over-seas mass produced ingredients.

Finally, our goal at Earthy Girl Botanicals is to be able to gift our luxury small-batch soaps to deserving individuals, organizations and charities. Every time you purchase one of our products you are helping us to share the love and gratitude back within our community.

What does INCI mean?

INCI is an acronym for International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI). INCI is a system of ingredient labelling, as required under the Cosmetics Regulations of Canada. All cosmetics in Canada are regulated under the Canadian Cosmetics Regulations, including the use and reporting of ingredients, size and detail of label information, and listing of all ingredients. Further, all cosmetics manufactured in Canada must be filed with a Cosmetics Notification Form.

For ease of reference we list the ingredients by their known names on our website. Due to lack of space, only the INCI names are included on the actual product label.

Does soap have a 'best before' date?

Yes and No. Once saponified and cured, soap can last for years, all depending on many factors such as the % of unsaponified oils and butters, freshness of ingredients at the time of production, and how the soap has been stored. It is always best to keep your small-batch soaps stored in a dry place and out of direct light. 

How long will naturally coloured and scented soaps keep?

As above, depending on many factors they can be kept for a very long time; however, you will most likely notice some changes due to the natural ingredients. First, natural colours will typically fade over time, again depending on the botanical source, how it was derived into the soap, and how much light it has been exposed to. For example, the natural red palm gives a beautiful natural orange tint to the soap, but the colour will fade over a few months - almost like a chameleon soap! Essential Oils will smell lovely at first, but they will fade over time, especially if stored with other products that can 'absorb' the scent and or are exposed to air. 

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